Monday, May 21, 2012

The Rain

It was a rainy night
More like a deluge
Yet still a rainy night
Like other rainy nights
Or so it seemed

I in my apartment
Lights turned low
Watching it rain
Playing on my computer
Wanting for some coffee

Peering out my window
Saw a chicken
Carrying an umbrella
Unopened, feathers soaked
Odd I thought

I grabbed my slicker
Ran down my hall
Out the door
Into the rain
Slicker under my arm

I followed the chicken
A neighbor soon following me
Both of us curious
Wondering what was about
With the chicken in the rain

Soon our three
Grew to seven then ten
A parade in the rain
All of us following
A chicken with an umbrella

We marched out of the hamlet
Down the road around the bend
Our ten now twenty or so
All of us soaking wet
Murmuring back and forth

Where is he going
Why is his umbrella not open
Can you believe this rain
Questions back and forth
No answers to be had

The chicken walked for hours
Some gave up
Went back home
But a few of us brave souls
Continued following

Suddenly the chicken
Wet to the wishbone
Opened his umbrella
Turned around

Good evening all
I hope you are having fun
I just love walking in the rain
Apparently so do you
Enjoy your walk
I'm home now..Goodnight

With that he turned off the road
Heading toward a barn
Chagrined we turned
Put on our rain gear
Started the long walk home

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