Saturday, December 24, 2011

Personal Thoughts on Christmas Eve

As much as Mountaindale After Dark provides a platform for me to express what is going on in our small hamlet, it does not provide me with a platform to share my more personal side, my photographs and other creative efforts in a way that suits me. To that end, felt it important to create "Midnight in Mountaindale". When I have gone out for a long winter's walk with my camera, been up late at night musing on thoughts of a more cerebral nature, look for those words, pictures and perhaps drawings to be shared here.

Today sitting here in my small apartment listening too the sounds of Christmas, old classics that my mother would have been playing were she still alive and here to share the day. She would smile knowing so many of her own traditions had survived, the Christmas morning coffee cake already sliced and ready to eat, a foil tray full of Hungarian Butter Horns waiting to be placed upon a tray on Christmas afternoon. Days like this, looking back upon those simple innocent days of childhood, remembering tugging on her apron I find myself missing her.

It is brisk outside, the temperature close to the freezing point, but there is not a cloud in the sky, which means this is not going to be a White Christmas as much as I would wish it so...there is something so beautiful in looking out the frosted windows in the dark of the night on Christmas Eve as the snow piles ever higher on the streets below, remembering those days as a kid when you could not wait to fall off to sleep, knowing in your slumbers that Santa would come stop by bringing gifts for every little boy and girl...sad when as children we reach that milestone when the truth be known, that Santa isn't real, and it was Mom and Dad all along.

For all those who find this little space, "Wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year".